Maylorra’s pricing deals offer best value

Maylorra, Rakuten Super Logistics, Fulfillify, and Shipmonk all offer business clients seeking order fulfillment services prices that make signing on with them attractive propositions. But at the end of the day, the scope of savings they offer are different and wide-ranging.

And those differences, found throughout the order fulfillment process, led us to select Maylorra as the provider with quality pricing deal.

The analysis

Let’s look at what gives Maylorra the edge over Rakuten Super Logistics, Fulfillify, and Shipmonk.

At Maylorra, its AI software calculates the cost of doing business with the company and is used to figure out whether it’s best to pay per unit or pay for a specific duration. The system also comes up with the best shipping rates and determines if a company would benefit from other perks.

In the case of Rakuten, business owners have to submit a “request for quote” ticket to learn the costs they will face. Rakuten offers prices based on monthly order volume, which must be a minimum of 250 orders per month.

Storage costs

Maylorra does not charge for long-term storage.

On the other hand, Fulfillify and Rakuten have charges. Product storage fee at Fulfillify for pallets of product stored in a warehouse is $12.50 per pallet. To find out the cost for Rakuten, you have to file a request for a quote. Shipmonk bases its storage costs on size, quantity and turnover rate. Products stored in a small bin cost $1 a month; $20 a month for storage on a pallet.

Shipping costs

Maylorra offers flexible plans which can be customized based on the needs of each business client. The company has low-cost shipping options for clients, as well.

Rakuten asks clients to request quotes to find out how much it will cost to ship items. It uses advanced analytics to estimate the cheapest delivery route. One bonus is that clients save about $2.36 on shipping cost per order.

Pick and pack fees

Shipmonk works with businesses of all sizes. However, the company charges a fee for running accounts on its platform and the support it provides. Also, the minimum pick and pack fee is $250 a month. Added to those costs, Shipmonk charges $.15 – $2 for packaging materials.

Fulfillify bases its pick and pack fees on monthly volumes. For example, average monthly orders are $1.99 for each order, and the average number of items per order is $.50 per item.

Free perks

Maylorra offers a lot for freebies to clients. They include:

  • No setup or onboarding cost
  • No long-term storage fees
  • Pay-as-you-go service
  • Free integration with your shopping cart
  • Free returns management
  • Free standard packaging
  • Discounts on bulk orders

For overseas shipping, Maylorra has no charges for signing up, but has a pay-as-you-go plan. There are discounts on bulk orders, free price discovery tool, free returns management and free standard packaging.

Shipmonk also has some free offers. It does not charge for receiving inventory as long as the business client meets set criteria. However, it costs $2.50 per carton if fewer than five picking units are in that carton. Products that arrive on pallets are free from a receiving fee, but there is a fee if the cargo must be taken off the delivery vehicle and placed on pallets. The size will determine the cost.


The flexible and the customized plans that Maylorra offers, in addition to the long list of perks, are the reasons we selected it as the best pricing option in our comparison study.